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Sunday Whirl Wordle #499 – Nocturnal Nature

Please visit the link for the original challenge, The Words: My Submission 🙂 You needn’t twist my arm to prowl the forest once the sun has set.  These days, the idea of beauty drifts like a virus; false trophies, displayed on excessively reworked hearths. Beauty does not require a powder-puff, false eyelashes, or filters. It... Continue Reading →

First Line Friday, Mar 26/2021 – Never Me

The line: "People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding." To participate, please visit, My Submission 🙂 People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. Blinders and filters, skewing fact and truth. He left me, but I cheated because he wasn’t emotionally available. I failed that class because my teacher hated me.... Continue Reading →

Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt #37 – Never Good Enough

THE CREATIVE GOAL: What does the picture evoke? What emotion, feeling, memory...what does it arouse in YOU? The cover photo is the prompt, and the original challenge is offered by, My Submission: There she was, in the window, staring at me as I tidied the garden. She did not look pleased. She never did. Twice a... Continue Reading →

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