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Damn Sock!

Inspired by the photo challenge, offered by Fandango, That sock, that goddamn sock!  Every time I do a wash, I’m always missing one. Why don’t you want to stay mated, a pair? Was it not destiny for you to be together, forever? Must one of you always exit the premises the second my back... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the photo prompt offered by Sadje at, We are sisters.  We know we came from different parents, We are bonded by this.  The details of our pasts are unknown at this time,  We are bonded by this. Both of us prayed for our forever family, We are bonded by this.  We will... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the word prompt, Warrior. Original link below 🙂 I am a warrior, though I do not own a sword nor horse. I fight a daily battle, equipt with baby bottles, patience, and a high tolerance for all things smelly and squishy. My armour is strong as steel, but consists of a smile while... Continue Reading →

Haunted House

You can find the original link below 🙂 This was inspired by the word prompts, Scary campfire stories are the best. Unfortunately, my latest is true. If you dare, tuck up and listen in. Otherwise, get me some more popcorn. It began on a day like any other. I was painting the spare room of... Continue Reading →

Drama Queen

Inspired by the word prompt, Dire. Original link below 🙂 “Dress, shoes, tiara...Daddy, where are my gloves? This is dire!” “I know, sweetheart, life or death...” “Prom is the biggest event of the year, of my life! If I’m not crowned-” “What, sweetie? You’ll be ridiculed, stoned in the street, sent to the stocks, ripped... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

Inspired by the word prompt, Frenzy. Original link below 🙂 I’m in a frenzy! I forgot her birthday is today. The only place still open is the dollar store. I load up! A princess crown and wand, little pink purse filled with stickers, bubbles, a “hatching” dinosaur egg, crayons and a colouring book, sparkles...she loves... Continue Reading →

Loose Feet and Free of Fancy

Inspired by the word prompt, Footloose. Original challenge link below 🙂 Fancy Free, all it’s cracked up to be? Free of fancy is devoid of joy... What is this, a farce, a ploy? I’d rather be full, Negating the bull. Entirely fancy, or completely free, What exactly is expected of me? Add in footloose,  I’m... Continue Reading →

100 Words – Immobile

“Again?” he said, rolling his eyes. “Yes, again. You’re going to take care of me though.” “I took care of you LAST time.” “Yeah, grumpy and complaining the whole time.” “Your demands were pretty ridiculous.” “How dare you, I was in pain and immobile!” “Okay, let me get this straight. So, every time you decide... Continue Reading →


My take on the word prompt, Intimacy. Original link below 🙂 He makes sure his boots are on the correct feet, teaching him how to line up the big part with his big toes. He zips his coat, grabs the ball, and heads outside. “Turn your foot, and kick like this. Great job!” A high-five... Continue Reading →

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