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The A Mused Poetry Contest Oct 31-Nov 6/2020: Road-trip Disasters

This is a TRUE STORY! Only, it was my parents dealing with my little sister. Enjoy 🙂 There's that smell I can tell She threw up, again Will this ever end? We pull over To clean the car We’re not nearly there  Our destination is far As we scrub the floor mat  And her little... Continue Reading →

Photo Prompt – Monotony

Too many open doors Where is my voice, MY choice? This is the beaten path I can see straight ahead I know exactly what to expect I'd prefer a closed door At least one Something that keeps me guessing Keeps me excited for what lays ahead Nothing more monotonous than a predictable future Thank you... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – Mercy

Do I have a choiceOr chalk it up to divine interventionI am at the mercy of the windThe wavesThe duress of the weatherI ponder life in this momentThe present and pastAs I pull the sailsIn an instant, I tipMy craftCovered by waterI try to swimBut the ocean consumes meAnd my future Thank you for the... Continue Reading →

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