Photo Prompt – Monotony

Too many open doors Where is my voice, MY choice? This is the beaten path I can see straight ahead I know exactly what to expect I'd prefer a closed door At least one Something that keeps me guessing Keeps me excited for what lays ahead Nothing more monotonous than a predictable future Thank you... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – Mercy

Do I have a choiceOr chalk it up to divine interventionI am at the mercy of the windThe wavesThe duress of the weatherI ponder life in this momentThe present and pastAs I pull the sailsIn an instant, I tipMy craftCovered by waterI try to swimBut the ocean consumes meAnd my future Thank you for the... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge #338 – The Intruder

I had fun with this one. Hope you enjoy! “But, I love you!” she shouted, dangling halfway out the window.He peeked around the outside corner. “How did you even get up here?” he asked, confounded.“Love!” she clamoured. “True love hoisted me.”“You’re gonna wake my children.”“I don’t care! They can’t keep us apart, nothing will!”Clearly, he... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – Sleep Demon

I rarely sleep anymore My mind is too open Merchandise for the sleep demon Have you met him before? He stilts my legs and won’t allow my eyes to close Despite how hard I try He swaths me in invisible concrete I am stalked by him Every night He holds me hostage with my dreams,... Continue Reading →

What do you see #53 – The Cavern

He approached the cavern, again Unsure why The artifact was already in his possession But, something drew him back A whispure on the wind A yank to his gut Standing at the mouth, he asked, “Why did you call me back?” The cavern answered with a pull of his staff’s flame His feet followed Soft... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts- A Valuable Lesson

Come to order Jury, those for the accused, and those opposed I am in awe of the ignorance exampled here The allegations are ferocious Enough to topple her exemplary reputation   Although you may both make one final speech I will swiftly curtail anything I find unnecessary or overzealous  Don’t wind me up My patience is... Continue Reading →

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