MLMM Wordle #223 – Meant to be

My Submission 🙂 She found the pull of the ocean irresistible. Her love to dive was embedded in her being. She was designed for it, what with parents who introduced her when she was two-years-old, before she could link a full sentence together.  Now, to relax, she’d swim as far down as she could go,... Continue Reading →

Fibbing Friday – Christmas Edition

YAY!! It's Fibbing Friday, my favorite challenge 🙂 The other responses I've already read are hilarious, and I strongly encourage you to check them out at, So, here's how it goes, from the words of Frank, our host: Welcome to Fibbing Friday: where the answers are made up and the truth doesn’t matter! If... Continue Reading →

Just Desserts

He was doughty in his pursuit. Not surprising, after all, I am the princess. Many suitors have attempted to win my heart, but I am modest. I’ve always seen myself as an equal, relating more to those residing in the town than my own haughty family. I am not just some motif, a decoration for... Continue Reading →


So many steps to get to where I am now. I never proclaimed to be the best or the brightest, But, my scores speak for themselves. How dare anyone have the temerity to say I cheated. I am beyond stunned. So what, if I skimmed a little off the top... A tiny bribe here, A... Continue Reading →


I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel So many missed opportunities  But, that’s what I get for marrying young And for all the wrong reasons. Now, I’m branching out But, times have changed since I last dated Less compassion for a forty-something with three children. Potential prospects wonder, what is wrong with me What did... Continue Reading →

Six Sentence Story – Shut Up!

Based on the word prompt, Clip “YOU SHALL NOT PASS,” says, the cat. “I will, and I shall.” “Do not strip me of my right!” “What right, to shred the curtains and mangle the couch?” “I am an independent being, worthy of-” “Just shut up and give me your paw.” Thanks for the fun prompt,... Continue Reading →

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