I take pleasure in your envy Sorry, but I do It has always been my dream to be famous Revered, admired, loved Jealousy has become my currency I can’t exactly afford the work I’ve had done To gain my followers The boost to my chest, trim of my tummy, refining of my aquiline nose Too... Continue Reading →

Wordle #214 – Sunflowers

She stared at her wrists Impassioned with her decision It was a conscious choice One she salivated over for weeks, months, years Accepting the fact she would never be a sortable sort She just wanted to sleep Forget Everything It was a charming concept A flutter of thought that refused to go away There, she... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – Sleep Demon

I rarely sleep anymore My mind is too open Merchandise for the sleep demon Have you met him before? He stilts my legs and won’t allow my eyes to close Despite how hard I try He swaths me in invisible concrete I am stalked by him Every night He holds me hostage with my dreams,... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – My choice

I elect not to take this path Eschewing what draws me to it I scan ahead Finding brilliant color, butterflies, willows umbrellaed  Every fantasy is realized Fantasy Not reality Reality is misery, despite my optimism Silence, despite my screams If I take this path of fantasy There I shall remain I’m choosing my own path... Continue Reading →

Word Prompts…LOVE THEM

I am a writer at heart. Always have been, always will be. I haven't gone a single day without doing some sort of writing, whether it be chapters for a novel, or even jotting down a bunch of words I like the sound of. "Lurking" is my favorite word. I love the feel of my... Continue Reading →

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