dVerse #120 – Your Way

Today’s challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a QUADRILLE poem. If you’re new to dVerse or the quadrille, it’s simply a poem of 44 words (excluding the title.) You MUST use the word WAY in your submission. To participate, please visit, https://dversepoets.com/2021/01/25/dverse-quadrille-119-no-way-way/ My Submission, 44 words 🙂 “Which is the way?” “The way... Continue Reading →

42 Words – Team Player

Deb is the host of the 42 Words #31 challenge. And, oddly enough, it is my week! I say oddly, because the theme is SPORTS. I am not a sports gal, so I find it kinda ironic lol Please visit Deb for the original post, https://debbiewhittam.wordpress.com/2021/01/24/42-words-31/comment-page-1/?unapproved=19807&moderation-hash=09810ad4491dbe7aaff5bb2ae35ec64a#comment-19807 My Submission, 42 Words I am not a fan... Continue Reading →

WOTD – Monstrous Addiction

This one is harsh, but I have to go where the prompt takes me. Trigger Warning - Addiction, Alcoholism, Child abuse. I won't take it personally if you choose not to read. The Word of the Day - HIDING My Submission: Crouched behind a large box in the attic, she cradled her knees and drew... Continue Reading →

WOTD Challenge – Priorities

Today's word: GROOM My Submission 🙂 “I just need five minutes,” he claimed. She sat on his sofa, already late for their first date. It had taken her two hours to prepare, from curling her hair and applying makeup, to choosing the perfect outfit. She assumed he would be put off by her tardiness, but... Continue Reading →

50 Word Thursday #106 – Nutter

I'm a bit late on this one, but had fun writing so I decided to post anyway 🙂 Learned the word, Nutter, from my hubby. Definition: A crazy or eccentric person (British) The Rules: Find the muse within the photo or line provided and follow where it leads. It can be a story, anecdote, poem.... Continue Reading →

MLMM Wordle #223 – Meant to be

My Submission 🙂 She found the pull of the ocean irresistible. Her love to dive was embedded in her being. She was designed for it, what with parents who introduced her when she was two-years-old, before she could link a full sentence together.  Now, to relax, she’d swim as far down as she could go,... Continue Reading →

RDP Monday – Toilet Humour

Happy Monday!! The word for today is MELLOW. Create a post inspired by this word! Please tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt”. Create a pingback or copy and paste your link in the comments below. Having trouble with a pingback? Check out our about for directions. Then, don’t forget to spend some time reading all the... Continue Reading →

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