WOTD – Monstrous Addiction

This one is harsh, but I have to go where the prompt takes me. Trigger Warning - Addiction, Alcoholism, Child abuse. I won't take it personally if you choose not to read. The Word of the Day - HIDING My Submission: Crouched behind a large box in the attic, she cradled her knees and drew... Continue Reading →

Just Desserts

He was doughty in his pursuit. Not surprising, after all, I am the princess. Many suitors have attempted to win my heart, but I am modest. I’ve always seen myself as an equal, relating more to those residing in the town than my own haughty family. I am not just some motif, a decoration for... Continue Reading →

Word of the Day – Ostentatious

He brushed his teeth for seven straight minutes Took another fifteen on his hair, Making sure every strand was perfectly in place Exfoliated and moisturized his face Disguising the blemishes with concealer Tied a tight tie Spit-shined his shoes And, after two hours of primping and priming Head to work He was merely a garbage... Continue Reading →

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