Friday Fun – Colours

For the original challenge, please visit Kate at, My Submission 🙂 A swipe of green, a shwoop of red. Peppering of pink and dotting of dark grey. A line of yellow and circles of black. My toddler’s first art piece; Worth more to me than an original Picasso.  Post based on this actual monkey!!

Toddler Art

The theme is …PARENT STORY Ok, let’s first visit the google definition and perhaps you will see why I don’t think this could be the intended theme. "Parent story is the original story of the side story. Side story itself is happen along the main story, but it’s not needed to come at the point. Which mean that... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the word prompt, Warrior. Original link below 🙂 I am a warrior, though I do not own a sword nor horse. I fight a daily battle, equipt with baby bottles, patience, and a high tolerance for all things smelly and squishy. My armour is strong as steel, but consists of a smile while... Continue Reading →

A Photo a Week Challenge – Laughter

Out the realm of my usual writing challenges, this speaks for itself. Something to uplift your spirit! Absolutely join in following the link provided, and add a little sweet to your day 🙂 Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography. Here’s how it works: Each week, Nancy will come up... Continue Reading →

My Spirit Animal – The Sloth

Our two-year-old, Charlie, never took to a stuffie. Some toddlers (most toddlers?) have that one special toy they simply can't survive without. They take it everywhere and lose their minds if it's not beside them at bedtime. Charlie was never like that. We tried to build an emotional connection with a couple stuffed animals we... Continue Reading →

When your Toddler Refuses to Nap

Cute, isn't he? Well, don't be fooled. When this kid doesn't nap, he turns into a demon, birthed from the bowels of hell. Granted, I birthed him. While I assume my uterus is a squishy, cozy oasis, perhaps it's filled with lava, with wicked winged creatures roaming about. It begins with an unassuming eye rub,... Continue Reading →

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