FFFC #103 – Family Spirits

Welcome to, Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge #103 🙂 How could this image (my cover photo) NOT inspire me to write something?!! It immediately caught my eye and got the creative wheels turning. I'm really looking forward to reading other submissions cause I'm sure they will go a number of different directions. THE CHALLENGE: Write a... Continue Reading →

Haunted House

You can find the original link below 🙂 This was inspired by the word prompts, Scary campfire stories are the best. Unfortunately, my latest is true. If you dare, tuck up and listen in. Otherwise, get me some more popcorn. It began on a day like any other. I was painting the spare room of... Continue Reading →

Photo Prompt – Spirits

I assumed it was a spirit Watching over me.  I stared at the shadowy figure on the grass, for nearly an hour Overwhelmed with emotion. My eyes glossed and vision blurred I wondered who it was… My Grandmother, Father? The longer I stared, The dizzier I became. Eventually, I had to sit. Plunking into a... Continue Reading →

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