Friday Fictioneers April 2, 2021 – Ginger Headache

For the original challenge, please visit Rochelle at, My Submission, 66 words 🙂 “I can’t sleep like this. Your head is squashing my side!” “Shush. There is only so much room.” “The cat is between my legs, he’s tickling me!” “Shush, you. We’re not here for long.” “We don’t like being upside down!” “Shush,... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the word prompt, SCHOOL. Offered by, Love my kids more than life itself, btw 🙂 I’ve been schooled. Thought this parenting thing would be a breeze. Feed them, change them, sing and rock. Why didn’t anyone tell me that I’d have my hands in poop, multiple times a day….literally. I sing and... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the word prompt, Warrior. Original link below 🙂 I am a warrior, though I do not own a sword nor horse. I fight a daily battle, equipt with baby bottles, patience, and a high tolerance for all things smelly and squishy. My armour is strong as steel, but consists of a smile while... Continue Reading →

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