Haunted House

You can find the original link below 🙂 This was inspired by the word prompts, Scary campfire stories are the best. Unfortunately, my latest is true. If you dare, tuck up and listen in. Otherwise, get me some more popcorn. It began on a day like any other. I was painting the spare room of... Continue Reading →

50 Word Thursday #95 – Spooked

Did that just move? Did that? That? I’ve always been frightened of graveyards But my mother finally convinced me to visit my Great Grandfather Cautiously, I weave to his stone What was that? I shake my head His stone is more recent than the rest Cleaner AH! Holy crap! What the hell? Damn my imagination... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – Sleep Demon

I rarely sleep anymore My mind is too open Merchandise for the sleep demon Have you met him before? He stilts my legs and won’t allow my eyes to close Despite how hard I try He swaths me in invisible concrete I am stalked by him Every night He holds me hostage with my dreams,... Continue Reading →

42 Words #3 – Clowns

I took an...alternative direction with this theme. Let me know what you think! And please visit the links below to find many more fun and unique submissions. Sure, my skin is pale  My nose turns rosy red when I’m cold Smears of black encircle my eyes Because I cannot sleep I’m kinda goofy My pants... Continue Reading →

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