The Sunday Whirl Wordle #504 – Take PRIDE

For the original challenge, please visit, Here are the words: My Submission 🙂 I sing for you at the top of my lungs!  I know what you seek: understanding and acceptance. Not too much to ask, right?  They try and comprehend your struggle, But, to truly accept you stretches them in unfamiliar directions. Society... Continue Reading →

Wordle #496 – Will Love Be Enough?

To participate, please visit, The Words: My Submission: We must spring to action. It’s a race against time.    Every moment you suppress your concern, she takes another line. The longer we wait, the deeper into the rabbit hole she goes.  Thus far, her treatment has been inhumane. Evil has taken hold of this beautiful... Continue Reading →


My take on the word prompt, Intimacy. Original link below 🙂 He makes sure his boots are on the correct feet, teaching him how to line up the big part with his big toes. He zips his coat, grabs the ball, and heads outside. “Turn your foot, and kick like this. Great job!” A high-five... Continue Reading →


The amount of gratitude I feel, to finally come home. The wind whisked me away six years ago, To feed my insatiable desire for an exciting new career. Turned out to be nothing but frill and fluff. The road was difficult, I never found my flow, And my confidence was minced beyond recognition. The only... Continue Reading →

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