Weekend Writing Prompt #205 – Uncanny

For the original challenge and rules, please visit Sammi Cox at, https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2021/04/17/weekend-writing-prompt-205-uncanny/ My Submission, 39 words 🙂 “Is your dog okay?” “Why do you ask?” “Well, he’s been swimming in circles for forty-five straight minutes.” “Yeah, that’s what SHE does.”  “I saw him do the same yesterday. What’s wrong with him?” “Nothing. SHE just loves... Continue Reading →

MLMM Wordle #221 – Puppy Love

The words: My Submission 🙂 She was so beautiful. I watched her from the window with an unnatural obsession; the way her hips swayed like a metronome when she walked, her narrow nose, how her perfectly sculpted toenails licked the asphalt. I tried to keep it a secret from my family, but their jealousy was... Continue Reading →

50 Word Thursday #100 – Gotcha!

The Rules: Find the muse within the photo or line provided and follow where it leads. It can be a story, anecdote, poem. Anything!The Story must be between 50 and 250 words, in 50 word increments. (so 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 words)Link back to this post with the tag 50WordThurs so that everyone... Continue Reading →

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