MLMM Photo Challenge #356 – Burdened

The Challenge: Use the image (my cover) as inspiration for a poem or short story. Alternatively, if you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work. Please visit Nekneeraj for the original challenge, My Submission: The weight of the world does not reside on my shoulders. It’s... Continue Reading →

Thursday Inspo #97 – Poor Man

This week’s theme is RICH, and my cover is the inspirational image. For the original challenge, please visit, My Submission: I am a poor man. My house has thirteen rooms, but I use only one. I have a garage full of cars, but I drive only one. I can vacation whenever and wherever I want,... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the word prompt, BATH. Original link below. Enjoy 🙂 I prefer to call it, stewing in my own filth My grime from the day Stress I want to wash away My turmoils and troubles  Leaching into the bubbles That nasty exchange My emotions, a range End up in the water A bath’s purpose,... Continue Reading →

Baby Mine

If you didn't weep, cry, sob till you could barely breathe watching Dumbo's mother rock him with her trunk, we can no longer be friends. Same goes for Bambi, The Lion King, UP, even Toy Story 2 where Jessie flashes back to the relationship with her little girl. "Baby Mine", Dumbo, 1941 Disney and Pixar... Continue Reading →

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