Daily Prompts – Sleep Demon

I rarely sleep anymore My mind is too open Merchandise for the sleep demon Have you met him before? He stilts my legs and won’t allow my eyes to close Despite how hard I try He swaths me in invisible concrete I am stalked by him Every night He holds me hostage with my dreams,... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts- A Valuable Lesson

Come to order Jury, those for the accused, and those opposed I am in awe of the ignorance exampled here The allegations are ferocious Enough to topple her exemplary reputation   Although you may both make one final speech I will swiftly curtail anything I find unnecessary or overzealous  Don’t wind me up My patience is... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts- Live in the day

Never expected the afterlife to begin like this So many choices Board a buoyant balloon and end up wherever the wind takes it Creep across the clouds, in search of a rainbow  Tap my heels three times I don’t want to jeopardize my eternity with the wrong decision I’m thankful to be here I hardly... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – My choice

I elect not to take this path Eschewing what draws me to it I scan ahead Finding brilliant color, butterflies, willows umbrellaed  Every fantasy is realized Fantasy Not reality Reality is misery, despite my optimism Silence, despite my screams If I take this path of fantasy There I shall remain I’m choosing my own path... Continue Reading →

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