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42 Words #36 – Between a Rock

This week's word - TRAPPED Please visit Deb for the original challenge, My Submission, 42 words: We have three children. He pays the bills, He bought this house, He owns the car. He buys the food and gives me an allowance. He claims to fix what breaks, But, we are broken. He can’t fix... Continue Reading →

42 Words #29 – Boldly We Did Go

This week's theme: Science Fiction (Sci Fi) Please visit Deb for the original challenge, My Submission, 42 words: Space, the assaulted frontier. These are the voyages of the human race. Our mission: To maintain a respectable distance, gather samples, and report back. Instead, in our quest to explore strange new worlds, we boldly went... Continue Reading →

Toddler Art

The theme is …PARENT STORY Ok, let’s first visit the google definition and perhaps you will see why I don’t think this could be the intended theme. "Parent story is the original story of the side story. Side story itself is happen along the main story, but it’s not needed to come at the point. Which mean that... Continue Reading →

42 Words #30 – Love You, Always

Word prompt is - SIBLINGS Siblings...options aplenty with this topic!  Are they at war, are they in cahoots, are they social distancing and actually missing each other or are they simply good naturedly bickering as all siblings should. It’s up to you folks, grab pen and paper (or keyboard and mouse) and weave me a... Continue Reading →

42 Words – Myth

Definition of MYTH: A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. A widely held, but false belief or idea. Here is my take on the word prompt. Original link below 🙂 A horse with a horn? Not... Continue Reading →

Alter Ego

Based on the 42 word prompt, Fantasy. Original link below 🙂 She peered into the waterfall,  And saw her reflection Only, It smiled, so broadly While she frowned with dismay. Suddenly, it leaped!  Landing on shore “Who...what are you?” she asked. “Silly girl,” it snickered, “I’m who you are meant to be.”   Inspired by the... Continue Reading →

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