Sunday Whirl Wordle #493 – Close Call

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The Words:

My Submission:

Everything went black. When she awoke, she found herself tipped sideways, nuggets of glass circling, brought in by the unremitting flow of water rushing through the broken window.

What happened? she wondered in a daze. 

The water was freezing, but her face felt like it was in a fiery furnace.

She tried to remove her seatbelt, but her hand was stuck, and the water around it was the color of ripe cherries. Then, she saw the flames.

She heard a voice, “We gotta get her out, it’s gonna blow! On the count of three…one, two-” 

In perfect unity, a group of people grabbed the driver’s side door and pulled it open just enough for her to be reached. 

While one man raced to free her hand, another stroked her forehead, offering words of encouragement. 

Once freed, she was carried along a makeshift catwalk to the shore, her heart beating at a rhythm she had never experienced. 

Once a safe distance, she watched as her car was ravaged by the river.

As a woman wrapped her bleeding arm in a sweater, the girl asked, “Please, tell me there wasn’t a casualty…”

“Don’t worry,” said the woman with a comforting smile, “no one else was involved.”

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