Tale Weaver #312 – Making Sense of Nonsense

“At the recent Grimster’s Convention, it was agreed that Lanmiters would no longer be allowed.”

THE CHALLENGE: Use this statement, adding your own interpretation of “Grimesters” and what you think “Lanmiters” might be.

Go have fun, be creative and inventive. Please leave a link to your response in the comment section of, https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2021/01/28/tale-weaver-312-making-sense-of-nonsense-january28th/

My Submission 🙂

Grimsters were a stinky bunch. They resembled trolls, and smelled just as foul as one would expect. They believed bathing was a sacrilegious endeavor. Washing oneself stripped nature’s gifts from their leathery skin, leaving them vulnerable to disease and injury. The caking of filth built a barrier, a shell, a shield, of sorts. And to wash signified lack of care and consideration for their fellow Grimsters.

Once a year, the Grimsters would unite in a celebratory gathering to pay respects to the earth for offering them protection. But, then came the Lanmiters, with picket signs and chants of cleanliness, stating “Grime is a Crime!” Turns out, the stench of the Grimsters wafted their way, polluting their air. 

At first, the Grimsters welcomed them with empathy for their plight. But, the Lanmiters were not ones to compromise. They came bearing buckets of soapy water, a special lanoline and manuka honey “remedy”, and dosed the Grimsters against their will. What began as a minor conflict turned into a vicious battle! Dirt and dung flung one way, soapy water and scrub brushes, another.

At the recent Grimster’s Convention, it was agreed that Lanmiters would no longer be allowed.  

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