Fibbing Friday – Jan 15, 2021

This might just be my finest work yet! lol

As the title of this series suggests, truth is not an option as the idea is to fib, the bigger and more inventive the better, but keep it family friendly. It’s good to raise a smile, it’s tax free and exercises more muscles in your face than a frown. To participate, please visit,

Here are the questions and my answers 🙂

1.   Where did the phrase ‘Out for a duck’ originate? – When the Bumpus’ hounds ate the Christmas turkey (A Christmas Story)

2.   What is Duck a l’orange? – It began when a mallard fell into a vat of powder at the Tang factory 

3.   Why do we yell ‘DUCK’ when something is likely to hit us? – Little known fact, when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stepped into the ooze, so did a gaggle of ducklings. They also mutated to fighting machines, though less popular as they were never taught karate. Still, formidable sidekicks in a scuffle what with their ability to whap the enemy with their gigantic wings

4.   When was the first iPhone released? – When Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call. But he called it, “I Phone” 

5.   What is an interrobang? – That noise your stomach makes during the Super Bowl when you’ve eaten too much bean dip

6.   What is, or was, a Troodon? – The opposite of a Liedon

7.   Who invented the Little Black Dress? – The smallest woman in the world

8.   What is TikTok? – The creepy sound of a Grandfather clock’s pendulum, featured in many horror movies

9.   Who invented the frying pan? – A scorned wife who needed a device to crack her cheating husband over the head with

10. What color is most toilet paper in France? – The French use toilet paper now? (Joking joking, calm down)

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