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Fibbing Friday!! Saturday Edition Dec 26, 2020

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Welcome to this special Saturday Edition of Fibbing Friday! Since yesterday was Christmas, I decided to postpone Fibbing Friday until after the holiday. With next Friday being New Year’s Day, it will be up to Di whether Fibbing Friday will be on Friday or some other day or if we just take a break for the week.

The idea of Fibbing Friday is, of course, to answer a series of questions as inventively as possible. Just be sure your answers bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth. Tag your answers as “Fibbing Friday”, and link back here. Pingbacks are enabled, or you can simply leave a link in the comments. We all want to see what a creative fibber you are!

Here are the questions and my answers 🙂

  1. Why is there a small plastic baby inside of a king cake? – If the baby manages to eat its way out, it turns into a real boy!
  2. What is Three Kings Day? – When Kong, Michael Jackson, and Kevin James mourn the cancellation of the TV show, King of Queens
  3. Why is Boxing Day not formally observed in the US? – What’s formal about a bunch of guys punching each other in the face? Maybe if they were wearing fancy dresses?
  4. Traditionally, Christmas Day is the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas. By that same tradition, what is today known as? – The beginning of the end
  5. Why is the US Presidential Inauguration held at noon on January 20th? – Cause Trump can’t get his lazy butt out of bed earlier than 11:30am
  6. Why are the President and Vice President of the United States elected together rather than separately? – Misery loves company
  7. Who swears in the President of the United States? – Everyone swears about the President of the United States
  8. In certain US states that have lots of prairie land, there are signs warning not to drive through smoke. Why? – Ummm…cancer. Duh
  9. Why did Air France and British Airways suspend the use of all Concorde aircraft in 2003? – Only those suicidal purchased tickets…aka not enough revenue
  10. Why was there no supersonic replacement for the Concorde once all of them had been decommissioned? – Cause people would rather go slow than arrive dead

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