The Great Escape

Inspired by the word prompts offered by, Brenda Warren,

Here is my take on the word prompts 🙂

I continue to run, I’ve been running for weeks. My body has become frightfully trim, lean. It’s enough of a challenge to breathe, let alone eat when every inhale fills my mouth with smoke. Everyone present flees with me, through the woods, trying to escape the fire. I look behind, and witness one tree after another, burned up in an instant. It’s times like these, I wish I could fly. But, at least I can swim. I come upon a stream. Perhaps, salvation lays on the other side. I cross through the cool water, the first time in a while I’ve felt relief from the heat that seems to purposely chase me. But, when I reach the bank, I notice ribbons of amber and red ahead. I am not armed to defend this foe, so I tread back into the stream and just hope it’ll keep me safe.     

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  1. The gravity of a fire is based on the area it consumes. We tend to forget or ignore the calamity forced upon its inhabitants. Still, cigarettes are flung out vehicle windows without regard for the consequences that is until the destruction affects humans. Shame on us.

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