Reena’s Exploration Challenge #162 – He Tried

Story based on the three sentence prompts below. Challenge offered by Reena. Please visit the link for more!!

  • His thought process was on so many levels that he gave himself a phobia of heights.
  • Random words in front of other random words create a random sentence
  • I come from a tribe of head-hunters, so I will never need a shrink.


Overthinking was what he did best. His thought process was on so many levels that he gave himself a phobia of heights. Like a high-rise elevator, his mind would pause on every floor. And every time the doors opened, he would come up with a new idea.

Eventually, it would all get jumbled; random words in front of other random words, creating random sentences. By the end of the ride, nothing made sense.

Today, he was going on a first date with a beautiful girl he met online. So began the overthinking. What would he talk about, what if there was an awkward silence, how would he fill the void? He didn’t consider himself particularly funny, but girls like funny men, right?

Before he knew it, they were sitting face to face. They had already discussed the weather, what each other did for a living. But then, the dreaded awkward silence.

He scrambled around his brain, trying to come up with something pithy or clever. His mind paused on at least thirty floors before the doors opened, and he had it!

With a smirk, he leaned in and said, “I come from a tribe of head-hunters, so I will never need a shrink!”

That was their first and final date. 

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