Crimson’s Creative Challenge #102 – Photo Prompt

I was planning to swim todayBut didn’t expect the bank to be like thisI find the ocean frightening for what could bite me, sting me, eat meBut this water scares me tooI swam in water like this onceA salamander touched my toesI freaked outA fish slipped across my thighI freaked outA frog jumped at my... Continue Reading →

One Minute Fiction – Photo Prompt

Trigger warning - Suicide I wonder if this is high enoughOr should I go to the next floorNothing is directly in my wayBut maybe something should beIf only those tee-shirt carts were over, just a few feetWould it happen fasterOr would they break my fall (Focused on the lone man, peering over the edge) For... Continue Reading →

100 Word Wednesday – #171

Here is my submission - Based on a "strange" experience I had as a teenager: Where am I Why did you bring me here Then, I hear it Music! Beats, bass It’s stretching for miles As I approach The people look strange Not quite wrong Not quite right Just Strange I feel pretty normal Maybe... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts – My choice

I elect not to take this path Eschewing what draws me to it I scan ahead Finding brilliant color, butterflies, willows umbrellaed  Every fantasy is realized Fantasy Not reality Reality is misery, despite my optimism Silence, despite my screams If I take this path of fantasy There I shall remain I’m choosing my own path... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts- What was it!

In response to the following prompts; YDWP; Habitude 3TC; Cherub, Paper, True FOWC; Finagle RDP; Swamp Word of the day challenge; Gargoyle Here is my submission: There you sit Atop my abode Always watching Judging You saw my true self My paper-thin facade When I ran to the swamp to cry You finagled information Why... Continue Reading →

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