Sleep Demon vs. Sandman

Based on my original post, Sleep Demon

This story was inspired by, zzqbtz (link not working) who gave me the suggestion of writing about a Peaceful Sleep. This may not be what they had in mind haha, but it was my personal take.

The Sleep Demon has continued to torture me 

Trapping me in my bed, my body

I think I’m starting to hallucinate

Lack of sleep will do that

Last night, as the Demon took hold

I caught the glimpse of another figure

A jocular character 

Plump, draped in white, a playful face and funny hat

Out the corner of my eye, I watched him approach the Demon

A fracas ensued, a chilling, supernatural brawl

A glass-shattering screech!

The Demon leaped at the stranger, a sinister smile stretched across his narrow face

The one in white ducked, digging into a pouch at his hip

His fist withdrew, a grainy substance spilling through his fingers

His arm pulled back, and he tossed the lot at his combatant’s face

As each granular made contact, it disseminated

Spreading throughout his body, leaching into his leathery skin

The Demon roared as he shriveled, folded into himself

Before long, he was nothing more than a black speck

The floor opened up, and he was sucked into his eternal crypt

I could finally move again!

The figure in white approached my bedside and dipped back into his pouch

I froze, on my own accord this time

With a jovial smile, he gently sprinkled the grains over my fearful face

And I slipped into the first peaceful slumber I’ve had in months

Pieced this together using the following prompts:







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