Crimson’s Creative Challenge #102 – Photo Prompt

I was planning to swim today
But didn’t expect the bank to be like this
I find the ocean frightening for what could bite me, sting me, eat me
But this water scares me too
I swam in water like this once
A salamander touched my toes
I freaked out
A fish slipped across my thigh
I freaked out
A frog jumped at my face
I freaked out
But, the worst was the leaches
Freshwater vampires
Upon exiting the lake, I looked down
And there they were
Attached to my legs
Draining my very life source
I couldn’t flick them off
Or even yank them
Up the beach, I ran
Screaming as though a shark just took my arm
Mom ran down, snagging handfuls of sand and rock along the way
And despite her own fears, smacked and scrubbed those squirmy blood-suckers off
I felt she had saved my life that day
(True Story!)

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11 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #102 – Photo Prompt

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  1. Leeches are deadly creatures! I’ve had few scary encounters getting them off me! These days when I’m exploring places filled with leeches I carry a packet of table salt. Sprinkle little salt on leeches and they drop dead almost in no time 😁

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  2. Oh my gosh, Sara, I started to read this post and the hairs rose on my arms. I think for me it is leaches PTSD. “Draining my life source.” I still vividly recall the piercing screams. Yes, I went into Mama Bear protecting her Young mode.

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