How are you not Famous?!

Sally Mann, my Mother-in-law, is an exceptional artist, but far too humble, in my opinion.

Her skill and passion is evident in every glorious piece she creates.

She paints most every subject, from landscapes to portraits. Her Clint Eastwood is my absolute fav.

Clint Eastwood

And she sculpts: Goblins that protect her garden, and a Peaky Blinders inspired rabbit…just to name a couple.

Sure, she puts herself out there, to a degree; enters select pieces in local art shows. Some sell, some don’t.

Personally, I feel she is fame-worthy.

The amount of times hubby and I have told her, “You need to have a website.”

Art shows are great, but they only attract a handful of enthusiasts, mostly local.

“A website would reach a much broader audience.”

She agrees, but perhaps isn’t internet savvy enough? Or too shy?

It hurts my heart as I gaze upon her brilliant work, knowing that only a select few will have the pleasure.


Everywhere you look, there she is. Her eclectic creations grace most every wall.

We’ve considered charging a fee, just to walk in the front door.

I missed her Steampunk phase, which saddens me. I found “Steampunk Annie” in her Facebook gallery, but never had the pleasure of meeting her in person. If I had, she would be on my bedroom wall.

Steampunk Annie


I am in constant awe of how creative her mind is. Who would think of two circus elephants covered in puffins, a rabbit playing the flute, or a baby elephant covered in pennies?

Elephants tend to be a running theme. She has a collection of elephant figurines that would put Africa to shame. Her love for elephants is often reflected in her work.


Occasionally, she surprises us with paintings of our family.

Her Grandson, Benjamin
A self-portrait with our boy Charlie

Famous faces.

Jimmy, Prince and Bowie

And people I don’t recognize, but would like to get to know.

Some make me smile.

While others having me laughing out loud.

Some warm your heart.

While others make you think.


In short, no. Because even when I try, she comes up with a new conception that knocks my socks off.

I hope you have enjoyed the small glimpse I gave you to this exceptional artist.

She may not be famous, yet, but hopefully this post gives her at least the fifteen minutes she deserves.

17 thoughts on “How are you not Famous?!

Add yours

  1. Wow. She is very talented and creative. It is beautiful that you sing her praises. Maybe you two can create her a wp page to get her a few more in the audience of viewing. You never know what one posting can do. Thanks for sharing. Her work is a pure delight! 😊

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    1. How sweet are you!! We have definitely considered starting a page for her. Only hold-up has been our own busy life…toddler, newborn, work etc. But your comment is making me reconsider. Thank you!

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  2. Loved this Sara! I agree with you – she is awesome. Here is an idea – have her check into high quality fine art photos of her best work that can be used for prints. Then check out the website Fine Art Prints. There are others that feature photos of photographers but also photo prints of artwork. I think the field you should investigate for her is called Digital Media. A lot of work that is done on photoshop etc.

    Let me know what you think!!!


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